In our first blog of the ARETE Blog series We ll be giving you a general overview about FI-CA (Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable). Afterwards will be continuing with the details of FI-CA module as technical and the usage in various industry sectors as well, also what we’ve done so far, what we do and will be doing in the future projects.

As is evident from it’s name FI-CA is subledger accounting that firms can manage huge volume of the documents and the master data. As the needs increased dependently big transaction and complexity of the companies about accounting process SAP came up with FI-CA to provide solution instead of managing in FI-AR. By means of its capability we can make millions of daily transaction and post billions of documents in total without having performance issue.

Apart from thinking as subledger we use it as a module on its own in wide variety of sectors such as telecommunication, insurance, public sector and of course Utilities.

With the sales modules (BI-INV, SD, CRM etc) that is integrated and after sales transactions such as collection, collection cancellation, other clearing forms or submitting to law, etc. FICA automates accounting movements and eliminates manual processes hereby it ensures the financial books and 100% consistency.

Some of the main contents of FI-CA that we’ve already implemented in the projects we involved are below;

Incoming payments

1. Cash Desk Collection

  • Cash Payments
  • Credit Card Payments (POS Integrated)
  • Postal Orders

2. Online Collection (External Cash Desk)

  • Online Bank Payments
  • PTT Payments
  • Official web site Payments

Outgoing payments

  • Online refunds
  • Offline payment orders

Security management

1.Cash Securities

  • Security Request and payments
  • Calculation interest on security deposit
  • Return processes
  • Migration

2.Non Cash Securities

  • Letter of bank guarantee tracking
  • Settlement and refund processes

Interest Calculation and Management

  • Calculation interest
  • Defining different interest rules
  • Interest Locks

Dunning and Collections

  • Dunning Configuration with Parameters
  • Submission to External Collection (Case Management)

Deferral/Installment Plan

  • Installment plans
  • Promise to Pay

Accounting / Taxes

Internal & External Integration

1.Internal Integration

  • SAP FI, CO, SD, DM, BI, BW, CRM etc.

2.External Integration

  • External Cash Desk (Banks, PTT, Payment Centers)
  • Call Center
  • Case Management
  • Official Web Site etc.

We’ve tried to give very short clues with the topics above but FI-CA presents to firms flexible and wide solutions for their unlimited scenarios and the common problems all about their accounting and non accounting transactions. We’ll be giving you more details about the capability of FI-CA and the projects in our next blogs.

Best regards,

SAP IS-U, FI-CA Team Leader

İbrahim Köse